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Ensuring that our auditorium complies with safety regulations, is an integral part of running screenings. We entrust this to our Fire Officers, the first level of staff role above ushering.

1. Sign up for training

It takes three training sessions to qualify as a Fire Officer. If you are interested in this role, drop our friendly Chief House Managers an email ( and they will arrange some training dates with you. Once you qualify, you can start volunteering to manage films, signing up via our Film Unit House Staff Facebook page.

2. Arrive 45 minutes before the screening

Fire Officers arrive 45 minutes before the screening and run through a number of safety checks before we can open our doors, including checking fire extinguishers and clearing emergency exits.

3. Your role

As the audience enters, they are also responsible for ensuring visitors are aware of safety regulations and keeping aisles clear. The hardest part of this role can be holding your ground as you explain a rule, or why an item cannot be brought into the auditorium. Finally, If there is a fire the Fire Officer makes sure our projectionist evacuates (projectionists are notoriously stubborn).

Once you are qualified you get a complimentary seat to every film we show. This is in addition to getting in free to any film you work at, so if you work a screening you can get a friend in for free!

You can also come to all of our Film Unit socials and get a snazzy staff t-shirt to keep.