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Projectionists are in charge of setting up the film, projector and peripherals for every film we show at Film Unit. They must be calm, quick-to-learn and able to use their initiative.

1. Sign up for training

To train as a projectionist you don’t need previous experience but you will need to attend five training sessions with us until you can qualify. If you are interested in this role, drop our friendly Chief Projectionists an email ( and they will arrange some training dates with you. Once you qualify, you can start volunteering to manage films, signing up via our Film Unit Projectionists Facebook page.

2. Arrive 45 minutes before the screening

45 Minutes before the screening, the Projectionist arrives to set up the DCP format film, set up the playlist of adverts and trailers for the screening and check the picture and sound are working properly.

3. Your role

We use our projector many times a week and have multiple films stored on the computer, so projectionists must be responsible in caring for our expensive equipment. The projectionist brings the lights up and down for the House speech and also get to choose what music to play in the auditorium as the audience come in. The projectionist is not as visible to our visitors but they are integral to showing films.

Similarly to house staff, once you are qualified you get a complimentary seat to every film we show. This is in addition to getting in free to any film you work at, so if you work a screening you can get a friend in for free!

You can also come to all of our Film Unit socials and get a snazzy staff t-shirt to keep.